Anunnaki 2012

The Anunnaki also transcribed as Anunnaku, Anannaki and other variations means something to the effect of “those of royal blood or “princely offspring” or "those who came from heaven to Earth".

The Anunnaki were gods of ancient Sumeria, one of the earliest known human civilizations. The head of the Anunnaki council was the Great Anu. His throne was inherited by Enlil, resulting in a dispute between Enlil and his cousin Enki regarding who was the rightful leader. Enki was an alchemist and was said to have generated mankind.

Emergency SurvivalThe theory is that Anunnaki came to Earth some 450,000 years ago from the planet Nibiru – a member of our own solar system whose great orbit brings it to our part of the heavens once every 3,600 years. They came here in need of gold, with which to protect their dwindling atmosphere. Exhausted and in need of help in mining the gold, their chief scientist Enki suggested that they use their genetic knowledge to create the needed Primitive Workers. When the other leaders of the Anunnaki asked: How can you create a new being? He answered:

"The being that we need already exists;
all that we have to do is put our mark on it.”

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The time was some 300,000 years ago, and the Annunaki 2012 predictions are not known when they originate.
Some scholars such as Zecharia Sitchin and Laurence Gardner claim that the Anunnaki were real, physical entities who literally came from outer space to Earth; spacemen who came to people of ancient times and pretty much created Homo sapiens 150,000 years ago.
According to Sitchin, these beings live on a planet called Nibiru, allegedly the 10th planet of our own solar system.
In recent years, there have been many speculative writings about Planet X, also known as Planet Nibiru. A question arises: Is Nibiru real? The answer to that is a resounding "Yes".
Mankind has known about Nibiru for 6000 years. In ancient Sumerian tablets, written in cuneiform that dates back 6000 years, Nibiru is a word that the Sumerian people used to call Planet X. The Sumerians are the oldest civilization on earth and they had a very precise map of the galaxy.

There are those who believe that the Anunnaki of Nibiru is coming back to Earth soon. They believe that Nibiru is going to pass by Earth on its 3,600 year orbit around our sun. Such believers are terrified of the consequences that the close pass by Nibiru might bring. They fear this will cause earthquakes, tidal waves, severe flooding, food shortages due to climatic conditions, diseases, meteor fire storms, volcanic eruptions and the like. They are afraid that it will result in a great catastrophic infliction of loss of life on Earth. The first real pictures of Nibiru was photographed shortly after January 26, 1983.The astronomers calculated that Nibiru is over 50 million miles away from us at that time. In 2004 Nibiru is determined to be only 7 million miles away. It's moving closer. Confirmation of the tenth planet Nibiru was photographed in Japan on February 28, 2008 and it will be here by the end of 2012. Nibiru will appear as two suns in the sky to us, no later than 2011.

Mainstream science explains the Anunnaki as simply mythological beings created by the imagination of the ancient Sumerian religion.
But finally, to quote Laurence Gardner “The Anunnaki time presence may baffle historians, their language may confuse linguists and their advanced techniques may bewilder scientists, but to dismiss them is foolish. The Sumerians have themselves told us precisely who the Anunnaki were, and neither history nor science can prove otherwise.”