Armageddon 2012

AntiChrist New World OrderWritten in scrolls, a bivalent army will be led by the Antichrist, for The Battle of Armageddon 2012. This was found in the Dead Sea scrolls in 1947. The scrolls contain fragments of nearly the entire Hebrew Bible. The Essenes people created the war scrolls, and most scrolls were connected to Armageddon. Essenes were a Jewish war colt but separate from their civilization. The Romans surrounded the Dead Sea, so the Essenes had to hide the scrolls in caves. Armageddon is a reference to the Valley of Harmagedo, where the final battle will take place. Some think this will be World War III before Armageddon 2012. 

Essenes hated the Romans for destroying Jerusalem with their greed. In the Book of Revelations, it reveals in the end times that people of greed will fall. The people of Wall Street and the 2008 economic collapse, Bernard Madoff's $50 billion dollar fraud. The war scrolls could be converging with modern events. The scrolls predicted that the end times battle would escalate to the west starting with the 911 attacks.

Could Armageddon really happen? Now there is a nuclear arms race in Iran and the Middle East. The Middle East is now engulfed in conflict. They predicted that seven battles would take place and that six battles have already happened. The seventh will be the final battle of good versus evil.

The final war will happen when all the tribes of Israel return to the holy land. May 14, 1948 Israel was returned to a Jewish state. Jews from all around the world returned to Israel, just as it was prophesied. Most scholars believe that this is now the last generation of the fig tree, and to the end of time Armageddon 2012. Mayans also said their calenders and time stop around this time period.

According to the Dead Sea scrolls, the true end will be when Solomon's temple is rebuilt by the AntiChrist on the temple mount to rule there. Then the true Christ will return to take over in the final battle. Will this be Armageddon 2012 when the center of our galaxy will align with the sun and the Earth. It's hard to say for sure if they're correct about the final battle, because who's going to survive to see the end of the story.


Armageddon 2012The vast majority of people don't believe or don't want to believe when faced with the truth, but with this information you will have significant evidence that the people around you who don't believe simply will be unable to deny.