Asteroid 2012


survivalOne of the significant hypotheses on earth’s predicted destruction is that it will be hit by a giant asteroid 2012 in December. Many assume that the collision may be similar to the historic one that happened hundreds of years ago which caused the extinction of dinosaurs. Is there really a factual basis that an asteroid will hit earth on 2012? Or it is just the irrational imagination of people who are frantic and are truly alarmed of these controversial predictions?

Yes, it is true that there are asteroids passing near earth. The asteroid could be Eros is going to pass within 16.6 million miles away from the Earth on January 31, 2012. That is about 70 times of the earth’s distance to the moon. Eros is the first near-earth asteroid that the astronomers have discovered. It is not round, but instead has a strange peanut like shape. Since it will come near earth within 16.6 million miles away, it's therefore highly unlikely that it will have any impact on earth, indirectly or directly.

Another is named Toutatis. According to astronomers, this asteroid is calculated to pass earth in 2012. It will be, at its closest, about 4,140,000

miles from the earth. That’s about 18 times the distance of the earth to the moon. What effect will this have on the earth? No one is certain at the moment, but it will most likely just pass buy, only if something causes the asteroid to go slightly off course. It could impact earth if that occurs. But scientists do not consider it a serious threat at all.

An asteroid named Apophis will come much closer to earth on 2029. The name Apophis is taken from the ancient Egyptian god of Darkness and Evil. This asteroid will actually be less than 22,000 miles away from the earth. It will come so close to Earth on Friday, April 13 2029 that it will pass underneath the orbits of many of our communication satellites. Scientists have calculated its course as passing between the earth and the moon. However this is an asteroid that will not be near earth until 2029; it’s not the same as the one featured in the many asteroid 2012 theories.

Three asteroids are seen to pass near earth starting 2012 until 2027, which would mean that 2012 is just a marker year of great importance, a beginning of something nobody knows yet, but it is not the end of the world. There are many theories that will twist facts like these for whatever purpose it would serve man. But then, we can’t just overlook these theories and dismiss everything about the day of doom. As always - for every beginning, there is always an end.