December 12 2012

Welcome to December 12 2012, when so many people and cultures all predicted catastrophe near the same date, some saying the 12th and others the 21st, to the end of their calendars. Eight or nine cultures thousands of years apart in time, predict that December 21st 2012 is a pivotal time period and the world will change forever. All found by super computers searching the World Wide Web. It's kind of scary because you wouldn't think it can just be a coincidence if all those people predicted the same thing on the same date.

250 BC - 900 AD is when the Mayans thrived; the Mayans were time keepers of everything. They solved the the Equatorial plane of our Milky Way Galaxy will perfectly line up with the sun and Earth. There is a super massive black hole at the center of the galaxy which lines up with the sun that causes a major gravitational pull on the earth starting on December 2012. That will cause a magnetic polar shift to completely reverse, and the Earth's crust could move the mantle and cause 12 point earthquakes all over the world.

Another tribe that predicted the future were the Hopi Indians. They lived in Arizona for over a thousand years. The Hopi's had a prophecy rock, written in petroglyphs that also show a calendar date of December 12 2012. They also show drawings and predictions of the moon landing. Hopi and the Hindu believed in earth life cycles, like the Mayans, that this is the final life cycle. Our modern time keeping is a microcosm as accurate as the Mayan long count calendar system.

Over two thousand years ago the Mayans had insight that a polar shift could start December 12 2012, and that the center of our galaxy would line up with the sun and the Earth on the winter solstice of 2012. Now, astronomers with the Hubble telescope and modern technology proved them right. How the Mayans had knowlege of this without computers and telescopes is a total mystery. Another perplexed scenario is that the alignment would cause a solar plasmic charge and would shut down all electronics on Earth.

The newest Oracle of modern day is the Web-Bot which corresponds with the Hopi. It is said that the internet is our own physcie of the future. Still not known how it comes together to form poem like prophecies that predicted 911, Katrina, the 2008 stock market crash and December 12 2012, all from cyberspace. People who might survive will be the people who live away from coastal areas, nuclear power plants, and who live above 6,000 feet, away from Tsunamis. There is a seed vault in Norway that holds 4.5 million different seeds; like a Noah’s Ark for 2012. It's always 0 degrees Fahrenheit in the physicality, for survivors if they will be able to reach it and start over.

The truth about the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

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