How to Survive 2012

As the dreaded number 2012 draws near, more and more people are sitting up and taking note of the threat of cataclysms that people are saying will hit the planet and, alarmingly, destroy all life on it. The first reaction of the people is to ask how to survive 2012 and the second is to question the authenticity of such claims. The self coined sane people would call this superstition while the controversial seekers would call it misguided attempts by those in power to create fear amongst the masses.

Most of us take a leap of faith in believing that God exists and pray to him for assistance. While the 2012 threat does not deserve the same level of spiritual commitment, you could prepare for a time when everything is supposed to break apart.

Understand the plausibility of the event: It is important for you to understand what this cataclysm would be like if you are to be prepared for it. There are numerous websites on the internet and even multiple books in book stores that project the kind of upheaval that you should expect in 2012. Figuring this out would make you stronger when the moment actually arrives.


Seek out low risk places: The next step should be to find low risk places. Tall buildings, shorelines, land fault lines and volcanoes need to be avoided because minor disturbances in the planetary balance can lead to these becoming death traps. You should look for plateaus or high level lands like the kind seen in North Africa. Furthermore, areas where there are nuclear plants should be avoided.

Build bunkers: Once you find these places, you should look to build bunkers for your retreat because these are an important part of the answer for surviving 2012. Bunkers are not hard to build and only require a little bit of training that can be acquired through government sponsored programs or even books.

Educate yourself with survival techniques: You should also look to learn some survival techniques like foraging, making fire and even improvisation to create new tools from completely unconnected items. Most of all, you should learn how to start a fire through natural means.

Focus on stocking up durable food: The key to how to survive 2012 would be your stocks of food and water. These two things are going to become very rare when the time comes and there is even bound to be looting and rioting for them. Stock them and keep them hidden in your bunker.

Look into other important supplies: Other supplies can also be crucial for your survival through the cataclysmic 2012. These include utilitarian things like torches, lots of batteries, ropes, matchboxes, clothing and anything else that you can think of.

Answering the question of how to survive 2012 is not difficult provided you apply a little bit of common sense and logic.