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The Free Masons like the Illuminati, are another secret society that is still in existence throughout the world. The origins of free masonry are up for debate but some trace it back to biblical times while others place it in England with the formal establishment of various lodges in medieval times, Illuminati symbols were seen in masonry. The society is believed to have a set of beliefs linked to the ancient mystery religions of Egypt and Greece. With this tradition and the association of Templar occultists, an inner circle of Free Masons developed. While most of the membership is unaware of the true nature of the organization’s roots and occult practices, the inner circle of high level masons are believed to have been responsible for the origins of an evil conspiracy.

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Survival BookAnother secret society other than the Illuminati, were the Knights Templar formed approximately in 1119 AD during the time of the crusades. A handful of European knights were supposedly assigned to protect European travelers on their journey to and from the Middle East. These knights however were more interested in searching for treasure and holy relics than protecting European travelers. They eventually raided King Solomon’s temple and ran away with a variety of religious artifacts, symbols aside from probably discovering King Solomon’s secrets. However, it’s not proven but evidence suggests this to be true.

Since the Knights Templar became in possession of these valuable items, they suddenly became extremely powerful, so powerful that even royalty relinquished their valuables to the society. This allowed the knights to accumulate a vast amount of wealth. This eventually led to the establishment of the first international banking system. The society loaned money with no credit check to monarchs collecting interest adding to their riches. Eventually the society was abolished by the Catholic Church under the orders from the Pope, influenced by King Philip IV of France. The survivors are believed to have joined other societies such as the Free Masons. The Knights Templar was accused of satanic worship and this is a highly contested topic. However, evidence suggests that the Templar leader of France, Jackques de Molay was involved in the occult and established 4 tightly enclosed Masonry lodges. Regardless, intermingling with the Free Masons of the time allowed the vanquished knights to further conduct their business in secret.
Conclusively, the Illuminati’s, the Knights Templar and the Freemasonry joined to conspire together. The Freemasons are now said to be accepted by society but they still continue to conduct meetings in secrets. The three societies have one thing in common. Advocates of these Illuminati symbols and theories believe that major world events are being caused or exploited by this group with the end goal of creating a New World Order. This plan entails a one world, government, currency, religion, and language in many cases. These ideals will be shared with the public as a good thing and a final solution to all the wars, famine, prejudice, and other problems in the world, but the true plan involves small ruling elite with complete control over large number of slaves.

Anti-Masonic Illuminati conspiracy theorists believe that "high-ranking" Freemasons are involved in conspiracies to create an occult New World Order. They claim that some of the Founding Fathers of the United States, such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, had Masonic symbolism and sacred geometry interwoven into American society, particularly in the Great Seal of the United States, the United States one-dollar bill, the architecture of National Mall landmarks, and the streets and highways of Washington, D.C.. They speculate that Freemasons did this in order to bind their planning of a government in conformity with the Luciferian plan of the Great Architect of the Universe whom, they are said to believe, has tasked the United States with the eventual establishment of an hermetic "Kingdom of God on Earth" and the building of the Third Temple in New Jerusalem as its holiest site.
To summarize, again the idea of the conspiracy is total population control by a one-world government. Many people believe it to be religious in nature, as a plan to usher in the antichrist. Interestingly enough, the book of revelations speaks of the antichrist, his one-world government and one-world religion. Events that could possibly lead up to a scenario such as this is a movement by the United Nations or some other global establishment to force control over many nations. Also, the implanted microchip that everyone would be forced to receive.

No one with any degree of education would believe there was a secret organization plotting for some 200+ years to control the world - and that the Masons were somehow a part of it. But when you get past the more accepted "here and now" political debate about a corrupt New World Order, it takes you back to this ancient bloodline of Illuminati dynasty that is extremely interesting, whether fact or fiction.

Whether you are doing research prior to being initiated as a 1st degree Mason, or you are just curious about this ancient brotherhood, the answers you are seeking can be found.



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