Nostradamus 2012 predictions


Nostradamus was born into a rich Jewish/Catholic family in St. Remi, France on December 14, 1503. In 1555, at the age of 52, he wrote his first collection of prophecies, long before the Nostradamus 2012 predictions. These are what Nostradamus was most famous for. Everyone would have heard of Nostradamus, the person behind many famous predictions made 500 years ago. His predictions of the future are some of the most famous in history, and continue to enjoy widespread popularity to the current day. His works continued to be fairly popular for a time after his death, with the majority of the prophecies published together in 1568. The Prophecies by Nostradamus continue to be applied to major world events, and will likely continue to be applied to events into the future.

When it comes to topics like Nostradamus predictions, it would definitely appear that book authors are not alone in agreeing with his long ago predictions. His predictions that already happened can be summed up as follows:

Emergency Survival1. The French Revolution
2. The London Fire
3. Princess Diana’s Death
4. Hurricane Katrina
5. John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy assassinations
6. Honor to Louis Pasteur
7. Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
8. World War II and Hitler
9. September 11, 2001 World Trade Center Bombing

So what about the Nostradamus 2012 predictions? The doomsday believers always insist that Nostradamus said the world is going to end and that he can’t be wrong in his predictions specifically concerning the end of the world on December 21, 2012.


Nostradamus wrote that his prophecies will go as far as the year 3797. Nostradamus and his quatrains are clearly intended to be read in a pre-apocalyptic manner, they do not mention - most importantly – the date of the end of the world. The preface summarizes that his predictions are valid until the year 3797. Nostradamus 2012 predictions mostly refer to the "Lost Book of Nostradamus" is a version of the anonymous Vaticinia de Summis Pontificibus. Scholars think he drew pictures of the dark rift in the Milky Way galaxy. He hid his predictions of 2012 in his pictures because in his time period visions of the future were not as easily accepted. It is a series of manuscript prophecies concerning the Papacy, a Latin text which draws together portraits of popes and prophecies related to them which were circulated from the late thirteenth-early fourteenth century.

It makes no mention of the year 2012. Nostradamus never said the world would end in 1666, 1999, 2012, 2096, or any of those years. In fact, he was quite clear we would survive through all of these other conflicts, and if we took it upon ourselves, we could change and prevent what was indeed going to happen. What Nostradamus did prophesy was that a great war would come sometime during the last five years of the 20th century, indicated by famine, drought and a series of other natural disasters. This war will last close to 30 years, after which there will be one thousand years of peace, or a new golden age. Nostradamus quatrains did not go beyond 3786 or 3797. According to a letter written to one of his sons, the seer claimed this is the year the world will end.

The question you should really be asking yourself is exactly who is the accredited source of factual information, and what are they trying to imply in this 2012 situation? What does the future hold?