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  • Read all about 2012 Predictions, from many different cultures, people, and visionaries. Hopi prophecy, Mayans, Merlin, I-Ching, astronomy, and Egyptions, so is the world going to end.
  • Read all about Predictions for 2012, from many different cultures, people, and visionaries. Hopi indians, Mayans, Merlin, I-Ching, astronomy, and Egyptions.
  • Earth will align with the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy around December 21st, 2012, the great cycle of the Mayan Calendar’s components.
  • The Annunaki were gods of ancient Sumeria, one of the earliest known human civilizations. The head of the Anunnaki council was the Great Anu.
  • Nostradamus 2012 Predictions mostly refer to the "Lost Book of Nostradamus". Read this article for essential information and future predictions to come.
  • Choose Survival Gear for 2012 that will see you and your family through the disaster. There are some standard stockpile items for any emergency.
  • A prediction of the Asteroid 2012 found in the Bible Code can cause major damage. Learn what we can see now with our telescopes, but it’s the one’s we can’t see the we need to worry about.
  • Hopi prophecy, Mayans, Merlin, I-Ching, astronomy, and Egyptions, so is the world going to end in 2012? ... Mayan End of World | Mayan Prophecy · Hercolubus.
  • Hercolubus or Red Planet that Barnard's star is actually a planet known to the ancients as Hercolubus, which purportedly came dangerously close to earth in the
  • So what does the Aztec 2012 Calendar say about our time period? Take a look inside to learn essential secrets of the Aztec time keepers.
  • The Mystery of 2012 Predictions Prophecies and Possibilities, see what the future has in store. Decide for yourself what to believe and how to prepare.
  • This article is about Apocalypse 2012 December, seven seals of Revelation, what can happen scientifically with Galactic alignment, Polar Shift and Yellowstone.
  • The "Photon Belt," Tsarion explains the "Earth Grid" and the galactic alignments 2012 Mayas Calendar will end. The responsibility for one's own self.
  • Information from ancient cultures, the Bible code, prophets, modern day visions like the Web Bot from the internet, government, extra terrestrials, Hopi Indians, Mayans, Merlin, I-Ching, astronomy, and Egyptians.
  • Mayans had insight that a polar shift could start December 12 2012, and that the center of our galaxy would line up with the sun.
  • Most scholars believe that this is now the last generation of the fig tree, and to the end of time Armageddon 2012.
  • Among the apocalyptic predictions for future 2012 are natural disasters like geomagnetic reversal - one such prediction was attributed to the Celtic shaman.
  • Scientists and scholars also talk about one possibility on how the Earth and the solar system will suffer in the year 2012.
  • Nostradamus talked about a war lasting 27 years in this prophecy and later in the Epistle he wrote.
  • What Will Happen In 2012? A super volcano eruption, a mass solar flare electricity blackouts, a total environmental collapse.
  • The Bible code also known as the Torah code is a series of messages presumed to exist within the Bible text, that when decoded could form words and
  • Whenever conspiracy theory is uttered, the mysterious "Illuminati" is always left hanging as some secret, shadowy entity which no one can quite describe.
  • Conclusively, the Iluminati's, the Knights Templar and the Freemasonry joined to conspire together. Advocates of these Illuminati symbols and theories believe.
  • The I Ching also called Zhouyi, known as Classic of Changes or Book of Changes is one of the oldest of the Chinese classic texts. Look inside to learn how they decoded
  • Many websites and videos are dedicated to the belief that December 21, 2012 Government is hiding the truth about the end of the world. Read this article to find
  • New World Order 2012 is also used to refer to a purported conspiratorial organization which acts as a shadowy "power behind the throne", allegedly controlling.
  • Edgar Cayce Predictions foresaw world events that can only be described as apocalyptic, a period of purification involving natural disasters that will dramatically,
  • Learn the key no How to Survive 2012, now that this event has become nearly upon us in the year ahead and there is even bound to be looting and chaos.
  • On the claim about the impending NASA 2012 doomsday, NASA questions the presence of science to prove that the theory is probable.
  • Since the end of 1983 Nibiru, Planet-X has been seen by our modern day telescopes, and continues to be seen today. Official news of Nibiru has been suppressed to,
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