Tsarion 2012

We need to understand what Tsarion said about the 2012 Mayan prediction and how it’s a warning for us to start preparing physically, emotionally, and spiritually to whatever nature will give us. The important thing is we are aware that everything will all depend on what you consciously give to nature. And it’s all up to us humans if our future will be for the better or for the worst. Tsarion is a divination scholar and sidereal mythologist, an expert on Stellar Astrology.   Tsarion's work is very novel, for his emphasis is on individual respons ibility for one's own emotional mind. 

The Mayan long count calendar’s end on December of 2012 the Mayas also called it the end of the world for most of the blogs and sites that you will read today. The great cycle of the Mayan calendar is divided into 5 cycles which has 5,125 years every cycle. According to this calendar, we are now in the cusp of the Mayan end times, or their last cycle of the said calendar. Tsarion explains why the world is in a present state of decay and around 2012 the Mayans also predicted that would happen. They believe that every beginning and end of these cycles, the sun emits a light so intense that it can brighten the entire universe. Mayans compared the pulse of the universe to this burst of light which is the synchronization of the suns and planets. You will either be afraid about this or you will find all of the given statements to be ridiculous to think about.

On December 21, 2012 Mayans calendar will end. If we are to believe in the interpretations made by a lot of scholars like Tsarion, we can say that the Mayan end of the world is really at our reach. If you follow though the cyclic time of the Mayas, we will learn that we are looking at our beginning and not the other way around. The end of the Mayan calendar is the creation of a new world age. The world transitions will really affect us in a positive or negative way. We need to understand how it works and what it means for us living here on Earth.

The Mayans believed that the end of the golden age symbolizes the new earth that will come to us in the year 2012. Still the Mayan 2012 end of the world prophecy is still controversial up to now. The prophecy of the Mayas talks about that from 1999, that we have 13 years to go, to change the path of destruction and go to a path of our consciousness and balance ourselves according to our environment. Many will not understand what this means just because not all believe in our higher consciousness and what it can really do. Additionally, Tsarion reminds us about the importance of our inner temple, that a toxic mind will also create a toxic society.

Mayas had a very broad knowledge when it comes to the cycles of our solar system. These cycles are believed to coincide with our collective consciousness and our spirituality. This plays a significant role in the Mayan end of the world that we read and hear about. Numbers are everything to the Mayas. They said that by August of 1999, the time of the 13 sacred numbers will start. The Mayan 2012 calendar predicts the day of the eclipse that will take place, the forces of nature will help in the acceleration of changes that all of us will be powerless. Our technologies will soon follow to fail us. Our learning from our civilization will stop. Our spiritual development will need a better place and better way for the people to communicate with love and respect.