What Will Happen In 2012

We have finally entered the year 2012. Have you ever wondered what will happen in 2012? It is hard to get away from the many doomsday theories that are around - and there are many. The Mayans have evidently predicted the end of the world, as have many other ancient civilizations. If you are wondering what will happen in 2012, the following information may be of use to you, as it aims to look at the different theories that are out there. Most of us hope that nothing of any interest will happen in 2012 and that the answer to the question "will the world end in 2012?" be a resounding "no". The reality, however, is that we will not know what will happen on the December, 21st 2012 (because that is the big date), until the day actually arrives. You will probably have heard of the Mayan calendar, where the date December, 21st actually comes from, but in this calendar is no prediction of how the world will actually end. Below are the theories of what is likely to happen.

A Super Volcano Eruption

Super volcanoes are so large that they will annihilate most of the earth. The most active confirmed super volcano is Yellow Stone park. That's right, the entire park is actually a volcanic caldera. If Yellowstone were to blow, millions of tons of poisonous gases and debris will be blown into the atmosphere. This could - worst case scenario - wipe out all life on the planet. Best case scenario is a nuclear winter or ice age. There is some evidence suggesting that this event is imminent. Often, people who wonder what will happen in 2012 turn to Yellowstone, thinking that this is the most likely real event. This is mainly because scientists agree that there have been very significant shifts in Yellowstone. However, "imminent" in human terms is this year. "Imminent" in earth terms is anytime within the next thousand years. Hence, if you are wondering what will happen in 2012, most scientists would agree that it is not likely to be a Yellowstone eruption. Not likely, but not impossible either...

Environmental Collapse

Environmental collapse is the most likely scenario. If you don't believe in "prophecies" this is one scenario that you need to keep in mind. The term "global warming" is becoming less and less popular, with evidence existing that the earth is actually cooling. Many who wonder about 2012 prophecies now use the term "climate change" instead. Climate change is very real and can have very real consequences, including a total environmental collapse. This would mean that seas would get poisoned, species would go extinct (including the bees) and certain parts of the world would become completely uninhabitable. Whether the earth is warming or cooling remains a controversial issue. However, it is undeniable that the climate is changing. One only needs to look at the many environmental disasters we have seen since 2004. Mega tsunamis, earthquakes and tornadoes have ravaged the earth, including in places where such occurrences normally don't take place. So if you are wondering about December 2012, this issue is certainly something to think long and hard about. Luckily, with environmental collapse, there is still time to turn it around.

Solar Flares

This is another scientifically based doomsday scenario. It is believed that what might happen in 2012 is a mass solar flare. This will cause mass electricity blackouts all over the globe. Being without electricity would be an absolute disaster for human beings, who will not even be able to have running water from their taps anymore. Everything in our world is dependent on electricity. There is certainly a link between solar flares and December 2012, as it is believed that the next solar maximums will be upon us around that time. Some further evidence that suggests this scenario is real is the fact that we have had some gigantic solar flares in the past few weeks, with the aurora borealis being seen in places such as the United Kingdom and even Mexico. Scientists tell us that the date is actually not December 2012 but some time in 2013 and that the flares will not be big enough to disrupt anything, but are they telling the truth?

These are but a few of the doomsday theories that are out there. In fact, so many people worry about it that many have started to prepare for December 2012 as some sort of doomsday scenario. They have started collecting food, water and toiletries and even building safe houses where they are able to house their family if the time were to come that something terrible would happen. However, we will not know what will happen in 2012 until it actually happens. Furthermore, if the end of the world really is upon us, there is very little we could do about it. Some theorize that pods have been created that will take important people into space to ensure the survival of the human race. There is little evidence to suggest this is true, but again, there would be no way to get onto these pods unless you are invited. So what will happen in 2012? No one really knows and the only way to find out is by continuing to live until the end of 2012. Conspiracy theories are ripe, of course, with many feeling that the government knows something that they are not telling us. Even if that were to be true, there is simply nothing that can be done about it. One last theory is that the Age of Aquarius is upon us, and that this will bring peace and love to the earth, ending all wars and getting people to live in peace and harmony. Since there is nothing we can do to change what will happen in 2012, perhaps it is best to live as if the Age of Aquarius is upon us. Just in case, that is.